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REDM (Certified Real Estate Digital Marketer)
Florida & Arizona
Commercial & investment Real Estate
The existing real estate brokerage model is broken and outdated.

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What We Can Do to Assist You

We Are a Licensed Real Estate Broker Who Manages/Directs REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT Companies - We Are Well-Qualified to Help You Manage YOURS!

- Services as "Marketing Agent" only (Florida.) 

- A complete marketing plan for your individual investment property or an entire portfolio, for your approval. 

- If you have a commercial loan coming due or you need to formulate a workout plan to determine whether to refinance, workout, sell or exchange, you may benefit from these consultative services provided for a flat fee. Lenders will not make a favorable decision to lend without a detailed, up-to-date market analysis. Business real estate geographic market research & analysis is the anchor of risk management. All real estate decision making is site specific - nothing beats personal verification. National vendors of sales or demographic data may not be selling anything more than estimates, using inaccurate financial/statistical methods. Depending on the year (US Census street data is updated only in decennial years) any data used could be entirely outdated & misleading. So far, the last two censuses have been severely compromised (in my opinion) due to the real estate foreclosure crisis and now the COVID-19 crisis in 2020. Remember the 5: location, timing, product, price & contract!

- Why should you pay a full-service retail broker for printing a set of fancy brochures, installing a sign, and requiring a "single agency" or "limited agency" employment agreement from you, which may or may not work for you? In Florida, which is a transaction broker state, your real estate salesperson or broker may actually be working for the transaction. You know, of course, that brokers have been reducing their duties to you via legislative action and contracts, while still charging the same amount of commission. Of course it works for them! If you are a business, do you really want a broker as your AGENT? (Consult an attorney about principal-agent liabilities, including vicarious liabilities.)

- You might want to consider an independent opinion before you sign any binding listing agreement with any brokerage. A major brokerage lost a $6.6 million commission in 2014 because some of their employees working on marketing the property were not properly licensed as required. As a former instructor on contract law in Arizona, I can tell you they lost their fee because they forgot the basics of real estate practice. Make sure the people you hire are qualified by law to assist you, if you opt for "single agency" representation in Florida. 

- Many commercial investment brokers as well as residential brokers (many of whom have no clue about how to market to investors) are compiling pro forma offerings for properties they hope to market at valuations which are unsupportable because they contain inaccurate and/or misleading information (called puffery.) Yes, expect the proper financial packaging, but don't be blinded by fancy presentations. Don't be duped like some doctors from California who purchased an apartment building based on a fancy pro-forma who then lost the property in a foreclosure because they didn't understand what they were doing!

- Consultations are available regarding the actual value you could expect from an investor based on cash flow from a potential investment. HINT: Your property is only worth what its current yield says it is worth. (As of January, 2021 there is more than $70 billion in unpaid multifamily rent!!!) That is a real-world function of cash flow, expenses & leases. Not a hypothetical pro forma & glossy marketing brochure. High dollar residential purchases can also benefit from the perspective of a commercial-investment broker/investor! 

- Today's market is local at the same time your potential buyer may be elsewhere else on the globe. The current brokerage service model is broken and doesn't work well for buyers, sellers or investors.